Who We Are





Zcube was founded in 2003 to support young life-science to address significant unmet medical needs.


cube has achieved the launch of 3 start-ups based on projects with the goal to develop highly innovative medicine: PharmEste s.r.l., SuppreMol GmbH and ProtAffin Biotechnologie AG.

Following four years of success with investments in new start-ups, Zcube has decided to update the business model with the objective to identify opportunities to boost the parent company portfolio.

The new Zcube business model is based on the selection, investment in and validation of innovative Drug Delivery System concepts. The technologies of interest are those showing the potential to generate innovative products bringing real benefits to patients in the therapeutic areas relevant for the parent company.

In this new position, Zcube will capitalise the acquired knowledge of the biotech world and of innovative technologies together with the wide international network of investors and industry leaders.